All air balance contractors are alike, right?. They arrive late, don’t finish the work, back charge for return visits, and take forever to deliver the report. What can you do? The inspector is coming on Wednesday, and the client wants to move in on Friday! We need that report now!

Does this sound like experiences that you’ve had?

MAP Engineering is the only air balance contractor in the greater Phoenix area that has the solution to your problems. We arrive on the job site when we say we will. We stay on-site until the air balancing has been completed. We return to the job site as needed when problems occur. And, to seal the deal, we provide the report on-site once the air balancing has been finished! We have over 25 years of air balance experience at MAP Engineering, which makes us uniquely qualified to be your air balance contractor. If we cause problems or make errors, we will rectify the situation at our own expense.

If we promise a job or report according to a certain schedule, we will finish and deliver in that time frame, or we will reduce your price by 50%. MAP Engineering is committed to providing dependable, reliable service.

Please call or email us at your convenience to schedule a job.

MAP Engineering
MAP Engineering


It is a Wednesday morning, and the city inspector has just informed you that you need a third-party “PE Certified” inspection report for your smoke duct detectors. Had you known last week, you would have had ample time to find someone. As it is, what do you do now? You are down to the wire, and the owner wants to move in on Friday.

MAP Engineering stand ready to help. With a professional engineer on staff, we are the only company in the greater Phoenix area currently offering same-day, on-site certification of your duct detectors. Not only that, our fees are very competitive at $50.00 per device with a one-time charge of $150.00 for the sealed report ($400.00 minimum charge applies per project) our duct detector service is exceptional, and we follow through until your inspection is complete.

Please call or email us now to schedule the same day on-site certification of your duct detector


The city inspector has just asked you for a “kitchen hood capture and containment” report, and you might be thinking, “Why on earth does my kitchen hood need a “capture and containment” test? Or maybe your question is, “What is a “kitchen hood capture and containment” test? All you really know for sure is that you need a kitchen hood capture and containment report and that if you don’t get the report ASAP, your kitchen is not going to open, your customers will not be eating your food, and your costs are going to rise by the hour.

With all the other last-minute details, this need not be something more to worry about. MAP Engineering can solve this for you. In the greater Phoenix area, MAP Engineering is the only full-time testing agency that will deliver your report on-site the same day. If required, we have a full-time professional engineer on staff that is able to stamp this report and get it back to your inspector immediately.

Please call or email us to schedule your work.

MAP Engineering
MAP Engineering


Your kitchen needs to have the above ceiling inspected, and the city mechanical inspector has just asked for a PE-certified “duct fire wrap inspection” certificate. If you don’t get this certificate, the construction progress will grind to a halt.

Getting the duct fire wrap inspection certificate does not need to be one of the many headaches of this job. Not only is MAP Engineering one of the few companies in the greater Phoenix area qualified to perform this service, but we are also the only full-time testing agency with a “Fire Protection Engineer” on staff who offers same-day on-site certification of your fire wrap.

MAP Engineering is committed to providing dependable, reliable service. Please call or email us today for your same-day, on-site, PE-certified duct fire wrap inspection certificate.