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Air Balancing is the process of measuring and adjusting HVAC systems to provide the occupants with a comfortable, air-conditioned space. It is common to have too much air coming into space or too little air resulting in an uncomfortable space.

HVAC Air Balancing

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Certification is often required by various governing authorities as part of the building code inspections during construction. Independent certification is a requirement. Please contact us to have your HVAC system certified.

Independent Certification

MAP Engineering

Duct Detector Certification requires an independent third party (often “PE Certified”) inspection report. MAP Engineering is the only company in Arizona that is currently offering same-day on-site certification of your smoke duct detectors at no extra cost. Please contact us to get same-day on-site smoke duct detector certification.

Duct Detector Certification

MAP Engineering

What is a kitchen hood capture and containment test? A proper capture and containment test makes sure that your customers can eat safely by capturing fumes, grease, and smoke. Contact us to have our engineers certify your Kitchen Hood.

Kitchen Hood Certification

MAP Engineering

Fire Wrap Inspection

Duct Fire Wrap Inspection certificates holding up your construction job? Your kitchen needs to have the above ceiling inspected, and the city mechanical inspector has just asked for a PE-certified “duct fire wrap inspection” certificate. If you don’t get this certificate, the construction progress will grind to a halt.

Getting the duct fire wrap inspection certificate does not need to be one of the many headaches of your job.

Not only are we one of the few companies in the greater Phoenix area qualified to perform this service, but we are also the only full-time testing agency with a “Fire Protection Engineer” on staff who offers same-day on-site certification of your fire wrap.

About Us The MAP Engineering Guarantee

Our motto at MAP is, “When you’ve tried the rest, come to have your work done by the best!” While we admit that our quality may occasionally be equaled by other companies, it will never be surpassed. The reason for this is that not only do we put you (your company, your project) first on our list of priorities, we put our money where your job is concerned.
We guarantee our work. If we cause problems or make errors, we will rectify the situation at our own expense. We guarantee personal honesty in all our dealings, as well as giving high priority to good relations and professional satisfaction on each job.

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