What an air balance technician in Arizona should know about selection of equipment

In our previous article “What the air balance technician knows about the engineer” we discussed the criteria the engineer uses to begin the design of a building or space.

Once the enginner has gathered that information he will use it to determine:

  1. Cooling/Heating capacity of  the equipment  (this is especially critical in Arizonawhere the summer outdoor air temperature reach +115 degree’s farenheit)
  2. The amount of air that the equipment will circulate
  3. How much air will be brought in from outside
  4. How much air is brought back to the unit from the space
  5. How much air is going to be exhausted
  6. What is the mixed air temperature and humidity level that will enter the unit
  7. And finaly the tempeature and humidity level of the air when it leaves the unit.

The engineer will then select the equipment.