Pre-Air balancing as per ASHRAE 111-2008

In my opinion ASHRAE still has the most complete checklist for air balancing in the industry.  No matter if you live in Arizona or Arkansan, New York or North Dakota, I haven’t found a more concise and complete list.  If you would like to read it in its’ entirety go to section 9.3.1 of ASHRAE 111-2008.

Prior to you starting the Air Balance process you should;

Secure all relevant documents

Put the appropriate information on forms

Determine of the system has leakage

Make sure the equipment is installed properly, including correct rotation.

Make sure you have fresh air filters

Make sure all dampers including fire, smoke, volume-control, and automatic dampers are operating correctly and are open

You need to know that all controls are working and have been calibrated.

All boxes must be installed

All flow devices are reachable and installed

And you need to verify that all access doors are installed and closed.


After you have verified all of these things, you are in a position to begin your air balancing.