Kitchen Hood Certification

The city inspector has just asked you for a “kitchen hood capture and containment” report, and you might be thinking, “Why on earth does my kitchen hood need a “capture and containment” test? Or maybe your question is, “What is a “kitchen hood capture and containment” test?  All you really know for sure is that you need a kitchen hood capture and containment report, and that if you don’t get the report ASAP, your kitchen is not going to open, your customers will not be eating your food, and your costs are going to rise by the hour.

kitchen hood certification
kitchen hood certification
With all the other last-minute details, this need not be something more to worry about.  MAP Test and Balance can solve this for you.

In the greater Phoenix area, MAP Test and Balance is the only full time testing agency that will deliver your report on-site the same day.  If required, we have a full time professional engineer on staff that is able to stamp this report and get it back to your inspector immediately.

Please call or email us to schedule your work.