If you Air Balance in Arizona you know Constant Volume

The air balance technician in Arizona, will know constant volume systems. The vast majority of his time air balancing will be spent on this type of system.

A constant volume system is the simplest and most often used type of system in Arizona. The air balance technician needs to understand a few simple fact about balancing this type of system:

  1. Units are designed for to monitor humidity and temperature in smaller areas
  2. The constant volume system is designed to shut down when desired conditions have been met so they will conserve energy.
  3. The air balance technician will find these units installed on the floor, the roof, or in the ceiling
  4. The units can be either refrigerant cooled or use chilled water.
  5. Heat loads for these units should be even throughout the space.

As you air balance the constant volume system make sure the filters are clean, fan rotation is correct, grill and unit design CFM match, all dampers are in the open position, and set and then reverify that the OSA is at or close to design CFM