How do you make money while you air balance in Arizona

I have basically broken down my air balance business here in Arizona to four areas.  I call it the ABCD of air balancing business.  (and any other type of business)

A–  What type of advertisement of your air balance business to you do.  This can include your sales calls, bidding, internet, or other marketing schemes.

B–  How much air balancing did you bill this month.  As simple as it seems, you must track your jobs and make sure you bill them.

C–  How much money did you collect from the prior air balance jobs you completed.  Simple enough.  But if you don’t collect you will soon be out  business.

D–  What are you doing with the money you collect.  Tracking expenditures is a must.  Collecting the money is only part of the equation.  You must make sure that you are spending less than you collect.


It seems pretty basic; but if you don’t follow them, your air balance business will not succeed.