The MAP Test and Balance Guarantee

Our motto at MAP is “When you’ve tried the rest, come have your work done by the best!” While we admit that our quality may occasionally be equaled by other companies, it will never be surpassed. The reason for this is that not only do we put you (your company, your project) first on our list of priorities, we put our money where your job is concerned.

We guarantee your trust in us and promise to pay the difference between our price and the next competitor’s price (up to $1500)for the same job if we are not approved by the engineer or owner after being awarded the contract.

We guarantee our work. If we cause problems or make errors, we will rectify the situation at our own expense. If we promise a job or a report according to a certain schedule, we will finish and deliver in that time frame or we will reduce your price by 50%. We guarantee personal honesty in all our dealings, as well as giving high priority to good relations and professional satisfaction on each job.


BBB Accredited Company
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