New smoke Duct Detector from System Sensor

In the past Duct Smoke detectors needed to come in varying shapes and sizes due to variety of placements.  The duct smoke detector also had to be sensitive to things such as temperature and humidity extremes (e.g., on rooftops), variable air volumes, round or rectangular ductwork.  

Also each building can have completely different application and installation requirements. If the duct smoke detector doesn’t meet these requirements, or the effort to overcome onsite obstacles incurs unforeseen costs, the installer, engineer, or distributor stands to lose money and /or customers.

System Sensor’s InnovairFlex™ line of duct smoke detectors are designed for versatility.  And saves time, money, and provides flexibility in a wide variety of markets.

Cost is still a factor that needs to be overcome, but all in all  the InnovairFlex line seems to be a very vialbe entry into the market and it appears to meet any type of code requirement, such as NFPA 90A, Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems, NFPA 72, and the National Fire Alarm Code.