Air conditioning terms you can use

Air changes – the number of times the air is changed completely in a room


  Dry air – in air balance terms, air without water vapor in it.


  Outside air (OSA) – air that is outside of the building or space.


  Return air- air being returned from the conditioned space.


  Supply air- air that is moving to a space


  BTU – the heat required to raise the temperature of a lb of water 1 degree F.


 Ceiling outlet – an air diffuser located in a ceiling


 Coil – a cooling or heating element that is made of pipe or tubing.


 Condensation – the process of changing a vapor into liquid by the extraction of heat.


 Critical velocity – the velocity above which air flow becomes turbulent.


 Chimney effect – air or gas in a duct or other vertical passage rising when it is heated.   


 Damper – a valve or plate used to regulate the flow of air.


 Duct – a pathway made of many different types of material that will move air from one location to another.


 Evaporation – change of state from liquid to vapor.


HVAC – an acronym for Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning