Air balancing and ASHRAE 111-2008

  In ASHRAE’s forward to the standard 111-1998 (Practices for measurement, testing, adjusting and balancing…) an intersting comment was made about air balancing and the purpose of the standard.  While not an actual part of the standard, I found this a great statement about the condition of the industry.  It stated:  “It is the intent of this Standard to convey the message “not all is perfect in HVAC systems”, so that one should not expect explicit perfection under the present “state of the art”. However, with good engineering practice, realistic ratings and craftsmanship installation, adequate results can be obtained to satisfy a given set of design conditions within a reasonable set of limitations.”  The prase “not all is perfect in HVAC systems” was removed in ASHRAE  111-2008 and replaced with the more politically correct statement: “…field testing can be repeated but will not necessarily provide the accuracy of factory testing.”  You say potatoe I say potatoe.

  And so it is with air balancing.  At MAP Test and Balance.  We recognize our part in the project.  The “air balance technician” is the individual that makes sure that “adequate results” are obtained.  The HVAC system is not perfect.  We should look for reasonable results not perfection.